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The Year

Nearly ten years ago an idle brag in a pub led me to an inescapable journey into the Cycling Year Record. Being told by a friend that my annual tally of some 9,000 cycling miles was nearly 8 times lower

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Highland Trail Race 2015

This is not a story of overcoming the odds and fighting through pain to show supreme levels of endurance. Nor is it a story of personal discovery, a life changed by a series of events that apply perspective to the

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The Time Traveller

It happens twice a week during winter. Usually on a day beginning with “T”. I’m in the office  slouched over a difficult problem, my mind curled around the void between computer code I’ve typed and the error messages subsequently displayed. There’s

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The Ford Fiesta

Somewhere out there is probably a scientific paper discussing the benefits for survivors of a major trauma and their returning to the scene of their ordeal. I say “probably” because I simply cannot be arsed to look, but I know

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Remembering the fallen

I went on a mountain bike ride today. January 4th 2015 to be precise, leaving home at 8.19am precisely. Given the date, the fact that I am a resident of England and currently winter, it will be no surprise when

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