Dave Barter

Cyclist, author and map geek

Post Numero Uno
October 20, 2020
I’m Rebooted Many months ago I took down my website after uptime.com informed me that my previous hosting company was achieving lower than 90% availability. I complained to them and their answer was that it was my fault for choosing a cheaper plan. If I were to upgrade then I’d get closer to 100%. The old site was a bloated mess of Wordpress and plugins. I hate Wordpress and yearned for something a little more simple. Read More...
October 20, 2020
Servalan - Open Source Route Planner I’m an avid user of GPS technology when biking, walking and generally trying to navigate myself around the place. I’ve also tried every web based GPX editor under the sun and find each one of them lacking in some way. They either want money for premium features or don’t support the mapping layers that I want to use. So in a fit of utter boredom … I wrote my own. Read More...
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