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The Year – Updated?

On May the 15th 2017 Amanda Coker ended her cycling day with a year’s total of 86,573.2 miles. an incredible achievement for a young lady who has added an additional TEN THOUSAND miles to the total set by Kurt Searvogel

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Remembering the fallen

I went on a mountain bike ride today. January 4th 2015 to be precise, leaving home at 8.19am precisely. Given the date, the fact that I am a resident of England and currently winter, it will be no surprise when

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Welsh Winter Bivy

The nativity story is pretty straightforward, and we all know that it ends in a barn with a baby surrounded by strangers competing to foist inappropriate gifts upon it. It’s fortunate that the couple in question were born in warmer

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The Highland Trail 550

What’s your greatest fear about growing old? incontinence? senility? wrinkles? the smell of mothballs? Saga holidays? or maybe that you’ll find yourself trying to impress an iPad touting grandchild with a Werther’s Original?  I don’t fear any of these, in

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The perfect cycling Xmas gift

Christmas is almost upon us. I know this because my online world has become completely filled with a series of clever phishing attacks attempting to deprive me of cash in return for gifts for the cyclist. Fridays are the worst,

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Choice of weapons – motorist encounter

Not long after the dawn of humanity man invented weapons designed to hurt each other. It probably happened around a fire one night when a furtive caveman/cavewoman glance did not go unnoticed. A discarded mammoth pelvis would have quickly upgraded

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Cycle commuting – an empathy

I know that I’m not alone in visualising just about every bike ride before I set out on it. This visualisation happens in overview, it’s a brief summation of the whole, picturing myself within it. Invariably this summation includes a

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