Dave’s Tour Divide Page

Well I only went and did it didn’t I. Finished in 20 days and 15 hours. I’m currently writing the whole thing up but in the meantime here’s a little film for you.

In the panel below you can see the Tour Divide tracking page showing my progress down the route.

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3 comments on “Dave’s Tour Divide Page
  1. Steve Bishop says:

    Dear Mr Barter

    I saw from bikepacking.com that you are riding the great Tour Divide this year. Please tell me that you are making a documentary of this trip? I love all your cycling films.

    Best of luck,

    Steve Bishop

  2. Dave Barter says:

    Yes…will be very sweary rest assured

  3. Alex says:

    Hope it all goes well. Good on you for getting out there and having a go. Enjoyed your book by the way.