Dave’s Tour Divide Page

Dave is currently racing the Tour Divide. This is a 2700 mile mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico ridden entirely self-supported. Why is Dave doing this? Because he is a bloody idiot and never learns. 52 year old males should be thinking about slippers, sofas and cigars rather than trying to keep up with the youngsters.

In the panel below you can see the Tour Divide tracking page showing Dave’s progress in real time. He is carrying a satellite tracking device that records his movements at 2 minute intervals.

Next we have Dave’s Twitter feed, which is probably the best place to catch up with his progress as he swears himself down the route. There 100% will be swearing so don’t scroll down if you are likely to be offended by the liberal use of profanity.

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2 comments on “Dave’s Tour Divide Page
  1. Steve Bishop says:

    Dear Mr Barter

    I saw from bikepacking.com that you are riding the great Tour Divide this year. Please tell me that you are making a documentary of this trip? I love all your cycling films.

    Best of luck,

    Steve Bishop

  2. Dave Barter says:

    Yes…will be very sweary rest assured