London Bike Theft Weather Map

bike-theft-londonDuring the day I work extensively with map data and have spent this week loading huge amounts of crime and demographic data into our spatial database. This allows me to create some interesting maps and today I was looking at bicycle theft patterns. The government publish crime incident data on a month by month basis, this includes a category called “Bicycle theft“. I now have the statistics loaded for 2014 and decided to animate them upon a map giving a “weather map” view of month by month of reported thefts in the London area. This animation is the result, I can draw no desperately interesting¬†conclusions from it apart from “do not leave your bike unattended in central London” but you knew that anyway. We’re currently working on amalgamating this data with all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces, watch this space.

Anyway, click on the map image and it will open and animate in a new browser window. If you are interested in learning more about what we do wander over to

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