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The perfect cycling Xmas gift

Christmas is almost upon us. I know this because my online world has become completely filled with a series of clever phishing attacks attempting to deprive me of cash in return for gifts for the cyclist. Fridays are the worst,

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My fight against davizms

A few weeks ago I took a bit of a twitter bashing. I hasten to add that this has nothing to do with Alfred Hitchcock and everything to do with social networking. My twitter inbox was momentarily lit with a

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Choice of weapons – motorist encounter

Not long after the dawn of humanity man invented weapons designed to hurt each other. It probably happened around a fire one night when a furtive caveman/cavewoman glance did not go unnoticed. A discarded mammoth pelvis would have quickly upgraded

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The Rules

There are many defining features that separate us from other species. We are clearly distinguishable from fish by our lack of fins and ability to walk down stairs rather than flop aimlessly at the top of them (although I’ve seen

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Cycle commuting – an empathy

I know that I’m not alone in visualising just about every bike ride before I set out on it. This visualisation happens in overview, it’s a brief summation of the whole, picturing myself within it. Invariably this summation includes a

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I’m changing the site

It may look broken, but it isn’t. I am just moving to WordPress from Joomla and you have rocked during an interim period. All will be fixenated soon!

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