I’m changing the site

It may look broken, but it isn’t. I am just moving to WordPress from Joomla and you have rocked during an interim period.

All will be fixenated soon!

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4 comments on “I’m changing the site
  1. Chris says:

    I really must get on with my pet project. WordPress is not quite as intuitive as I had hoped…

    Or maybe it’s just me.

  2. Craig Harwood says:

    Dave, just a note to say that my recently acquired copy of GBBR is becoming well fingered & much planning is going on. Thanks very much for setting such a worthy target. Interesting to see you were inspired by the book Classic Rock. I have done most of them ( a couple with Ken Wilson, the author, who is a friend who lives locally to me). I would like a copy of OCCD but prefer not to shop with Amazon. Can I buy a copy direct from you ?.
    Cheers. Craig.

  3. Your judgemental daughter says:

    this looks lame