Occassional Thoughts

6th April 2023

Oh dear, my blogging career lasted all of 2 days. Let’s catch up on the last 2.5 years.

  • joined a gig rowing club and learnt to race as part of a 6 man crew
  • grew hair long and a shit beard
  • became a python programmer (oh the shame)
  • wrote a book about writing a book
  • survived a pandemic
  • saw Killing Joke at the Royal Albert Hall
  • lost both my parents (careless)

21st October 2020

Why did I follow a career in IT? I’ve been doing sofotware development for neary 30 years now and it is still hard. Today was wrestling with SQL to project population figures into the future. Started out easy but the json structures I am working with are a nightmare. Anyone who know’s json will understand that it either makes things easy or needs a massive punch in the face. Today was fisticuffs time.

Luckily my ass was saved by jsonb_set() which I’m sure will make your day. Don’t care. It’s my blog and now I can retire for the evening with an artisan brioche chicken roll and a book about being in prison.

20th October 2020

I’ve started running again. Seeing as we’re heading into full on winter and lockdown is killing any hope of an event or two, I’ve not got much motivation to ride the bike for training purposes.

So a bit of running is in order. I used to be pretty handy, running sub-40 10K’s and placing high in longer races. Now I’m in my fifties, those days are long gone and I need to gently ease myself back into it. I’ve started with a few miles 3 days a week and am working my way up to a nine mile coast path route I ran a few years back.

Sadly the hardest part is erasing the memories of the 30 year old man who used to be quite fast. Mentally he’s still around but he lacks the engine and physiology to deliver.