Servalan - Open Source Route Planner

I’m an avid user of GPS technology when biking, walking and generally trying to navigate myself around the place. I’ve also tried every web based GPX editor under the sun and find each one of them lacking in some way. They either want money for premium features or don’t support the mapping layers that I want to use.

So in a fit of utter boredom … I wrote my own.

Well, “wrote my own” is a bit of an overstatement. I’ve hacked together the kernal of a route editing package in Qt using QML components and a C++ model. It is by no means complete and has a number of bugs that I need to get rid of but the following works:-

  • it supports openstreetmap and Ordnance Survey opendata maps
  • gpx import and display
  • gpx line editing (move, delete)
  • gpx backdrops to trace over
  • save to gpx format
  • undo/redo functionality

I’ve open sourced the whole project and am looking for help of a day with 32 hours in it. Now I’ve cracked most of the hard stuff next steps are to:-

  • add OS leisure mapping layer
  • allow track segments
  • integrate data layers (cafes, shops, bothies etc..)
  • make Windows and Linux builds

You can grab the code from here

** UPDATE **

I had a lot of laughs writing this but have decided to completely rearchitect everything using python. I anticipate the first release to coincide with my pension.